1 Advanced Energy System Operation
2 Advances in Materials and System Technology for Portable Fuel Cells
3 CNT based non precious metal composites for Hydrogen and Alcohol Fuel Cells
4 Co-Generation for High Altitude Areas
5 Consequences of the Norwegian soldier modernization program: Energy sources and power distribution in the field
6 Development of Planar SOFC Technology at CGCRI
7 Direct Fuel Cell Power Plants for Clean and Efficient Energy
8 Electrochemical Capacitors Based on Gel Electrolytes and Exfoliated Graphite and its Composites
9 Energy Potential of Gas Hydrates - Indian Scenario
10 Energy Related Activities at the National Aerospace Laboratories
11 Free-Piston Stirling Convertor Technology for Military and Space Applications
12 Fuel Cell Power Systems for Automotive, Stationary, and Portable Power Applications: A Review of the Research and Development Sponsored by the United States Department of Energy
13 Fuel cells - an energy source
14 Gas-hydrates: India’s future potential energy resource
15 India and United States Global Partnership through Science and Technology Cooperation
16 Lithium-air Battery
17 Meeting the reliability and durability goals of PEMFC Stacks: Materials and Engineering Solutions
18 Molten Salts, Power and Energy
19 Moving from bulk to nanomaterials to design better Li-based storage batteries for a "Green Energy Society
20 Naval Research Laboratory Activity in International Methane Hydrate Exploration
21 Novel Tactics for Monitoring in Situ Charge Flow Within High Energy Density Lithium-Ion Batteries
22 Overview of the Space Power Conversion and Energy Storage Technologies
23 Overview of US Navy Science and Technology Initiatives in Power and Energy
24 Photovoltaics: A Perspective
25 Polymer-Electrolyte-Based Fuel Cells
26 Portable fuel cells
27 Portable Power Systems: Technology Status and Roadmap for Accelerated Development, Demonstration and Deployment
28 Recent Advances in Thermoelectric Power Generation Technology and Terrestrial Application Opportunities
29 Regenerative Fuel Cells in the Context of Future Energy Requirements 
30 Research and Education Activities at UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering
31 Solar Energy for India through Space Based Solar Satellites & NASA Technology
32 Solar Photovoltaics: Evolutionary, Disruptive, and Revolutionary Technologies
33 The Application of Microchannel Technology to Heat Actuated Cooling for Portable Combined Heat and Power
34 Thermal design aspects of solid statehydrogen storage using metal hydrides
35 US ARMY Mobile Power Requirements & Programs
36 Waste-to-Energy including some e-wastes