elibphotoThe e-library at CECRI has been built around a portal containing on electrochemical science & technology and related areas, majority of which is accessible on the internet but some portion accessible only within the intranet. It is a replication of the resources of physical library in electronic format, but significantly provides vastly improved access and search capabilities. It provides resources and documentation, and combines internal documents with external resources to provide a comprehensive collection of pertinent information for distribution.

There are some similar models already available namely, the environment and water portals set up with support from the National Knowledge Commission, SciDev.Net, University World News sites, Science Daily, Eurekalert. Joint Information System Committee (JISC) supported subject portals from UK have been explored features that are useful to an electrochemistry portal have been adopted.

The e-library at CECRI is a one-stop virtual resource repository for all information and resources on electrochemical science and technology.




• Electronically acquired documents such as journals, magazines, e-books, e-theses, and conference material.

• Digitized library.

• Digital content available on the web.

• Links to free and open content existing in web page format.

• Electronically published material.

Corporate Membership

• The corporate membership to outsiders on a payment basis on a payment of Rs.10000/- per annum per two persons.

for further information please call Library Incharge at 04565241488


To build a one-stop portal, with comprehensive electronic resources, on electrochemical science and technology that will address the information needs of researchers, students, industry and policy makers.


• To set up interoperable institutional open-access repository of CECRI research articles using open source software such as e-prints.

• To provide and organize digital contents of journals, books, standards, patents, secondary databases, etc.

• To provide latest news and perspectives in the area of electrochemical science and technology.

• To add resources to the repository with standard metadata.

• To study the trend of research in electrochemistry and other fields through literature-based analysis (growth of literature, impact of research, citation analysis, etc.), and to analyze utilization of research through input, output and impact of R&D at CECRI.

• To create a section on the equipment available at CECRI and to make it user interactive.

• To build a section on visualization in science and engineering. All visualization and other scientifically useful softwares will be made available through the e-library.

• To invite scientists, both within and outside CECRI, to write columns on recent advances in their areas of research.

• Open access repository of research articles published by CECRI scientists in various journals, proceedings of symposia and conferences, and doctoral theses culminating from CECRI.

• Collection of reference material (topic-specific), including analyst reports, studies, articles, journals, books, patents, standards, research reports, courseware, secondary databases and other reference work.

• Resource center for users to access information such as support documents, data sheets, presentations and other literature of scientific value.

• Campus-wide resource library with a variety of literature such as annual reports, standard operating procedures, guidelines, style guides, etc.

• Collection of audio, video or image files in a searchable catalog format.

• Virtual classroom for modern topics in electrochemistry.

• Annual reports and other key documents from electrochemistry-related industries.