CECRI Research Output

journal searchYear-wise database of research publications of CECRI Scientists is being maintained and updated from the year 2005 onwards. A comprehensive database containing the record of publications of CECRI since its inception to 2005 has been envisaged. Efforts are on to compile/digitize the full text of the publications. A CD containing searchable data as well as an online version of the same have also been planned to be brought out. More.

Gateway to Journals / Patents

searchCSIR network project
"e-journal consortium" is provided CSIR S&T personnel electronic access to world S&T literature through strengthening the facilities for pooling, sharing and electronically accessing the CSIR information resources and to nucleate the culture of electronic access with a view to catalysing the evolution of digital libraries


cecrinewsCECRI News, brought out as a bi-monthly, provides snapshots of happenings in CECRI. It offers a bird's eye view of the events that took place, visitors at CECRI, lectures given, training programmes conducted, projects undertaken, deputation details, Information regarding appointment and retirement of staff members etc. It also contains a column for the laurels brought to CECRI. More..