Library Staff

Staff Members presented here form the back bone of our library. They possess expertise in diversified fields as delineated below:

Information Science

  • Literature survey

  • Patent search

  • Impact factor analysis

  • Scientific impact analysis


Computer Applications

  • Website development and management

  • Database development and management

  • Creation and maintenance of repositories

  • Creation and updation of blogpots

  • Moderation and maintenance of forums

  • Creation, Design of materials like proceedings, lecture in CD form

  • Digitization of archives

  • DTP-Creation/Design/Layout of Journal, Reports, Brochures, Posters, Handouts, Presentations, Schematic/concept diagrams etc.

Dr.M. Ganesan
Chief Scientist
Chairman, KRC Committee
Shri. KR. Karuppiah
Principal Technical Officer
k k g
Mr. N. Kalidhas
Principal Technical Officer
Mr. S. Gunasekaran N
Sr.Technical Officer(3)
Mr. C. Chockalingam S
Sr. Lab Assistant