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1 WENGENMAYR (R) Renewable energy: Sustainable energy concepts for the future 047800
2 SCHERER (GG) Fuel cells - I 047801
3 SCHERER (GG) Fuel cells - II 047802
4 ZHANG (JG) PEM Fuel cell electrocatalysts and catalysts layers: Fundamentals and applications 047803
5 VAN SCHALWIJK (WA) Advances in lithium ion batteries 047804
6 RISTIG (M) Particle scattering X Ray diffraction and microstructure of solids and liquids 047805
7 KRUGER (P) Alternative energy resources: The quest for sustainable energy 047806
8 ZUTTEL (A) Hydrogen as a future energy carrier 047807
9 KUTZ (M) Environmentally conscious alternative energy production 047808
10 WICKS (ZW) Organic coatings: Science and technology 047809
11 SMITH (MC) March's advanced organic chemistry reactions: Mechanisms and structures 047810
12 MENCH (MM) Fuel cell engines 047811
13 LOGAN (BE) Microbial fuel cells 047812
14 BHATNAGAR (MS) Textbook of polymers, Vol. 1 047813
15 DORWALD (FZ) Organic synthesis on solid phase: Supports, linkers, reactions 047814
16 ATKINS (P) Shriver & Atkins Inorganic Chemistry 047815
17 ZHANG (XG) Corrosion and electrochemistry of Zinc 047816
18 WHITAKER (JC) AC Power system handbook 047817
19 BAXTER (R) Energy storage: A non-technical guide 047818
20 THOMA (J) Modelling and simulation in thermal and chemical engineering: A Bond Graph approach 047819
21 STIEBLER (M) Wind energy systems for electric power generation 047820