CECRI Papers 2018


No. Publications IF-2018
1 Anantharaj, S; Ede, SR; Karthick, K; Sankar, SS; Sangeetha, K; Karthik, PE; Kundu, S. Precision and correctness in the evaluation of electrocatalytic water splitting: revisiting activity parameters with a critical assessment. Energy Environ. Sci.11, 744–771 (2018). 33.250
2 Liu, W; Ulaganathan, M; Abdelwahab, I; Luo, X; Chen, ZX; Tan, SJR; Wang, XW; Liu, YP; Geng, DC; Bao, Y; Chen, JY; Loh, KP. Two-Dimensional Polymer Synthesized via Solid-State Polymerization for High-Performance Supercapacitors. ACS Nano12, 852–860 (2018). 13.903
3 Anantharaj, S; Amarnath, TS; Subhashini, E; Chatterjee, S; Swaathini, KC; Karthick, K; Kundu, S. Shrinking the Hydrogen Overpotential of Cu by 1 V and Imparting Ultralow Charge Transfer Resistance for Enhanced H2 Evolution. ACS Catal.8, 5686–5697 (2018). 12.221
4 Mohanty, B; Ghorbani-Asl, M; Kretschmer, S; Ghosh, A; Guha, P; Panda, SK; Jena, B; Krasheninnikov, AV; Jena, BK. MoS2 Quantum Dots as Efficient Catalyst Materials for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction. ACS Catal.8, 1683–1689 (2018). 12.221
5 Kim, JH; Jung, YH; Yun, JH; Ragupathy, P; Kim, DK. Enhancing the Sequential Conversion-Alloying Reaction of Mixed Sn-S Hybrid Anode for Efficient Sodium Storage by a Carbon Healed Graphene Oxide. Small14, 1702605 (2018). 10.856
6 Krishnan, K; Jayaraman, P; Balasubramanian, S; Mani, U. Nanoionic transport and electric double layer formation at the electrode/polymer interface for high-performance supercapacitors. J. Mater. Chem. A6, 23650–23658 (2018). 10.733
7 Suriyakumar, S; Stephan, AM; Angulakshmi, N; Hassan, MH; Alkordi, MH. Metal–organic framework@SiO2 as permselective separator for lithium–sulfur batteries. J. Mater. Chem. A6, 14623–14632 (2018). 10.733
8 Maniarasu, S; Korukonda, TB; Manjunath, V; Ramasamy, E; Ramesh, M; Veerappan, G. Recent advancement in metal cathode and hole-conductor-free perovskite solar cells for low-cost and high stability: A route towards commercialization. Renew. Sustain. Energy Rev.82, 845–857 (2018). 10.556
9 Posha, B; Nambiar, SR; Sandhyarani, N. Gold atomic cluster mediated electrochemical aptasensor for the detection of lipopolysaccharide. Biosens. Bioelectron.101, 199–205 (2018). 9.518
10 Aruchamy, K; Bisht, M; Venkatesu, P; Kalpana, D; Nidhi, MR; Singh, N; Ghosh, D; Mondal, D; Nataraj, SK. Direct conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to biomimetic tendril-like functional carbon helices: a protein friendly host for cytochrome C. Green Chem.20, 3711–3716 (2018). 9.405
11 Oreshkin, AI; Muzychenko, DA; Oreshkin, SI; Yakovlev, VA; Murugan, P; Chandrasekaran, SS; Kumar, V; Bakhtizin, RZ. Real-time decay of fluorinated fullerene molecules on Cu(001) surface controlled by initial coverage. Nano Res.11, 2069–2082 (2018). 8.515
12 Marimuthu, M; Kumar, BP; Salomi, LM; Veerapandian, M; Balamurugan, K. Methylene Blue-Fortified Molybdenum Trioxide Nanoparticles: Harnessing Radical Scavenging Property. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces10, 43429–43438 (2018). 8.456
13 Pongilat, R; Nallathamby, K. Electrocatalysis of Ruthenium Nanoparticles-Decorated Hollow Carbon Spheres for the Conversion of Li 2 S2 /Li2S in Lithium–Sulfur Batteries. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces10, 38853–38861 (2018). 8.456
14 Babu, DB; Giribabu, K; Ramesha, K. Permselective SPEEK/Nafion Composite-Coated Separator as a Potential Polysulfide Crossover Barrier Layer for Li–S Batteries. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces10, 19721–19729 (2018). 8.456
15 Ahad, SA; Pitchai, R; Beyene, AM; Joo, SH; Kim, DK; Lee, HW. Realizing High-Performance Li-Polysulfide Full Cells by using a Lithium Bis(trifluoromethanesulfonyl)imide Salt Electrolyte for Stable Cyclability. ChemSusChem11, 3402–3409 (2018). 7.804
16 Silambarasan, K; Joseph, J. Flexible Anion Microbatteries: Towards Construction of a Hybrid Battery-Capacitor Device. ChemSusChem11, 3081–3086 (2018). 7.804
17 Lee, KM; Hou, MY; Suryanarayanan, V; Wu, MC Suryanarayanan, V. & Wu, M.-C. Sequential Preparation of Dual-Layer Fluorine-Doped Tin Oxide Films for Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells. ChemSusChem11, 3234–3242 (2018). 7.804
18 Selvaraj, R; Santhanam, M; Selvamani, V; Sundaramoorthy, S; Sundaram, M. A membrane electroflotation process for recovery of recyclable chromium(III) from tannery spent liquor effluent. J. Hazard. Mater.346, 133–139 (2018). 7.650
19 Steffy, NJ; Selvaganesh, SV; Kumar, LM; Sahu, AK. Online monitoring of fuel starvation and water management in an operating polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell by a novel diagnostic tool based on total harmonic distortion analysis. J. Power Sources404, 81–88 (2018). 7.467
20 Jamesh, MI; Sun, XM. Recent progress on earth abundant electrocatalysts for hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in alkaline medium to achieve efficient water splitting – A review. J. Power Sources.400 31-68 (2018) 7.467
21 Mani, V; Babu, GNS; Kalaiselvi, N. Sn-Fe5(PO4)4(OH)3.2H2O/graphene: A new electrode for superior rate applications in Li/Na ion batteries. J. Power Sources395, 31–40 (2018). 7.467
22 Jamesh, MI; Prakash, AS. Advancement of technology towards developing Na-ion batteries. J. Power Sources378, 268–300 (2018). 7.467
23 Steffy, NJ; Parthiban, V; Sahu, AK. Uncovering Nafion-multiwalled carbon nanotube hybrid membrane for prospective polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell under low humidity. J. Memb. Sci.563, 65–74 (2018). 7.015
24 Rambabu, G; Bhat, SD. Amino acid functionalized graphene oxide based nanocomposite membrane electrolytes for direct methanol fuel cells. J. Memb. Sci.551, 1–11 (2018). 7.015
25 Vadivazhagan, M; Parameswaran, P; Mani, U; Nallathamby, K. Waste-Driven Bio-Carbon Electrode Material for Na-Ion Storage Applications. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.6, 13915–13923 (2018). 6.970
26 Chandrasekaran, N; Selvakumar, K; Premkumar, V; Muthusamy, S; Kumar, SMS; Thangamuthu, R. Dual Heteroatom-Doped Carbon Monoliths Derived from Catalyst-free Preparation of Porous Polyisocyanurate for Oxygen Reduction Reaction. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.6, 9094–9103 (2018). 6.970
27 Kalimuthu, B; Nallathamby, K. Optimization of Structure and Porosity of Nitrogen Containing Mesoporous Carbon Spheres for Effective Selenium Confinement in Futuristic Lithium–Selenium Batteries. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.6, 7064–7077 (2018). 6.970
28 Karthick, K; Anantharaj, S; Kundu, S. Nickelo-Sulfurization of DNA Leads to an Efficient Alkaline Water Oxidation Electrocatalyst with Low Ni Quantity. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.6, 6802–6810 (2018). 6.970
29 Anantharaj, S; Chatterjee, S; Swaathini, KC; Amarnath, TS; Subhashini, E; Pattanayak, DK; Kundu, S. A Cost Efficient Catalytic Electrode for Full Water Splitting in Alkaline Medium. ACS Sustain. Chem. Eng.6, 2498–2509 (2018). 6.970
30 Nayak, P; Jiang, Q; Mohanraman, R; Anjum, D; Hedhili, MN; Alshareef, HN. Inherent electrochemistry and charge transfer properties of few-layered two-dimensional Ti3C2T x MXene. Nanoscale10, 17030–17037 (2018). 6.970
31 Karthikeyan, J; Ranawat, YS; Murugan, P; Kumar, V. Borophene layers on an Al(111) surface – the finding of a borophene layer with hexagonal double chains and B 9 nonagons using ab initio calculations. Nanoscale10, 17198–17205 (2018). 6.970
32 Periasamy, AP; Ravindranath, R; Kumar, SMS; Wu, WP; Jian, TR; Chang, HT. Facet- and structure-dependent catalytic activity of cuprous oxide/polypyrrole particles towards the efficient reduction of carbon dioxide to methanol. Nanoscale10, 11869–11880 (2018). 6.970
33 Pandiarajan, A; Kamaraj, R; Vasudevan, S; Vasudevan, S. OPAC (orange peel activated carbon) derived from waste orange peel for the adsorption of chlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicides from water: Adsorption isotherm, kinetic modelling and thermodynamic studies. Bioresour. Technol.261, 329–341 (2018). 6.669
34 Rathinam, NK; Berchmans, S; Sani, RK; Salem, DR. Rewiring the microbe-electrode interfaces with biologically reduced graphene oxide for improved bioelectrocatalysis. Bioresour. Technol.256, 195–200 (2018). 6.669
35 Krishnan, K; Aono, M; Tsuruoka, T. Thermally stable resistive switching of a polyvinyl alcohol-based atomic switch. J. Mater. Chem. C6, 6460–6464 (2018). 6.641
36 Aravind, P; Selvaraj, H; Ferro, S; Neelavannan, GM; Sundaram, M. A one-pot approach: Oxychloride radicals enhanced electrochemical oxidation for the treatment of textile dye wastewater trailed by mixed salts recycling. J. Clean. Prod.182, 246–258 (2018). 6.395
37 Manickam, P; Fernandez, RE; Umasankar, Y; Gurusamy, M; Arizaleta, F; Urizar, G; Bhansali, S. Salivary cortisol analysis using metalloporphyrins and multi-walled carbon nanotubes nanocomposite functionalized electrodes. Sensors Actuators B Chem.274, 47–53 (2018). 6.393
38 Nesakumar, N; Berchmans, S; Alwarappan, S. Chemically modified carbon based electrodes for the detection of reduced glutathione. Sensors Actuators B Chem.264, 448–466 (2018). 6.393
39 Lavanya, J; Subbiah, A; Neogi, S; Gomathi, N. Direct electron transfer of hemoglobin at nitrogen incorporated reduced graphene oxide obtained by radio frequency ammonia plasma treatment. Sensors Actuators B Chem.255, 536–543 (2018). 6.393
40 Karthick, R; Arulraj, A; Ramesh, M; Selvaraj, M. Free-standing graphene/NiMoS paper as cathode for quasi-solid state dye-sensitized solar cells. J. Colloid Interface Sci.530, 179–188 (2018). 6.361
41 Kumar, DR; Kesavan, S; Baynosa, ML; Nguyen, VQ; Shim, JJ. Flower-like Bi2S3 nanostructures grown on nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide for electrochemical determination of hydrogen peroxide. J. Colloid Interface Sci.530, 361–371 (2018). 6.361
42 Valappil, MO; Ahlawat, M; Pillai, VK; Alwarappan, S. A single-step, electrochemical synthesis of nitrogen doped blue luminescent phosphorene quantum dots. Chem. Commun.54, 11733–11736 (2018). 6.164
43 Meenakshr, P; Selvaraj, M. Bismuth titanate as an infrared reflective pigment for cool roof coating. Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells174, 530–537 (2018). 6.019
44 Annamalai, S; Santhanam, M; Selvaraj, S; Sundaram, M; Pandian, K; Pazos, M. “Green technology”: Bio-stimulation by an electric field for textile reactive dye contaminated agricultural soil. Sci. Total Environ.624, 1649–1657 (2018). 5.589
45 Selvarani, K; Prabhakaran, A; Arumugam, P; Berchmans, S; Nayak, P. 2D MoSe2 sheets embedded over a high surface graphene hybrid for the amperometric detection of NADH. Microchim. Acta185, 411 (2018). 5.479
46 Gumpu, MB; Veerapandian, M; Krishnan, UM; Rayappan, JBB. Amperometric determination of As(III) and Cd(II) using a platinum electrode modified with acetylcholinesterase, ruthenium(II)-tris(bipyridine) and graphene oxide. Microchim. Acta185, 297 (2018). 5.479
47 Ette, PM; Selvakumar, K; Kumar, SMS; Ramesha, K. Silica template assisted synthesis of ordered mesoporous ?–MnO2 nanostructures and their performance evaluation as negative electrode in Li-ion batteries. Electrochim. Acta292, 532–539 (2018). 5.383
48 Parthiban, V; Panda, SK; Sahu, AK. Highly fluorescent carbon quantum dots-Nafion as proton selective hybrid membrane for direct methanol fuel cells. Electrochim. Acta292, 855–864 (2018). 5.383
49 Suriyakumar, S; Gopi, S; Kathiresan, M; Bose, S; Gowd, EB; Nair, JR; Angulakshmi, N; Meligrana, G; Bella, F; Gerbaldi, C; Stephan, AM. Metal organic framework laden poly(ethylene oxide) based composite electrolytes for all-solid-state Li-S and Li-metal polymer batteries. Electrochim. Acta285, 355–364 (2018). 5.383
50 Rajathi, MP; Sivakumar, C; Berchmans, S. Methanol electro-oxidation by nanostructured Pt/Cu bimetallic on poly 3,4 ethylenedioxythiophene (PEDOT). Electrochim. Acta282, 163–170 (2018). 5.383
51 Thamilselvan, A; Govindan, K; Nesaraj, AS; Maheswari, SU; Oren, Y; Noel, M; James, EJ. Investigation on the effect of organic dye molecules on capacitive deionization of sodium sulfate salt solution using activated carbon cloth electrodes. Electrochim. Acta279, 24–33 (2018). 5.383
52 Sathiyaseelan, D; Gumpu, MB; Nesakumar, N; Rayappan, JBB; Hariharan, G. Wavelet based spectral approach for solving surface coverage model in an electrochemical arsenic sensor - An operational matrix approach. Electrochim. Acta266, 27–33 (2018). 5.383
53 Suriyakumar, S; Kanagaraj, M; Kathiresan, M; Angulakshmi, N; Thomas, S; Stephan, AM. Metal-organic frameworks based membrane as a permselective separator for lithium-sulfur batteries. Electrochim. Acta265, 151–159 (2018). 5.383
54 Narayanaru, S; Chinnaiah, J; Phani, KL; Scholz, F. pH dependent CO adsorption and roughness-induced selectivity of CO 2 electroreduction on gold surfaces. Electrochim. Acta264, 269–274 (2018). 5.383
55 Dhanasekaran, P; Selvaganesh, SV; Shukla, A; Nagaraju, N; Bhat, SD. Boosting Pt oxygen reduction reaction activity and durability by carbon semi-coated titania nanorods for proton exchange membrane fuel cells. Electrochim. Acta263, 596–609 (2018). 5.383
56 Ganesh, PA; Jeyakumar, D. Hierarchical approach of mitigating carbon influence in nano-porous electro-catalyst with unique surface islands for efficient methanol resistive oxygen reduction. Electrochim. Acta262, 306–318 (2018). 5.383
57 Subbiah, K; Velu, S; Kwon, SJ; Lee, HS; Rethinam, N; Park, DJ. A novel in-situ corrosion monitoring electrode for reinforced concrete structures. Electrochim. Acta259, 1129–1144 (2018). 5.383
58 Karkera, G; Chandrappa, SG; Prakash, AS. Viable Synthesis of Porous MnCo2O4 /Graphene Composite by Sonochemical Grafting: A High-Rate-Capable Oxygen Cathode for Li-O2 Batteries. Chem. - A Eur. J.24, 17303–17310 (2018). 5.160
59 Kundu, S; Yi, SI; Yu, C. Gram-scale solution-based synthesis of SnSe thermoelectric nanomaterials. Appl. Surf. Sci.459, 376–384 (2018). 5.155
60 Manibalan, G; Murugadoss, G; Thangamuthu, R; Ragupathy, P; Kumar, RM; Jayavel, R. Enhanced electrochemical supercapacitor and excellent amperometric sensor performance of heterostructure CeO2-CuO nanocomposites via chemical route. Appl. Surf. Sci.456, 104–113 (2018). 5.155
61 Murugesan, P; Narayanan, S; Manickam, M; Murugesan, PK; Subbiah, R. A direct Z-scheme plasmonic AgCl@g-C3N4 heterojunction photocatalyst with superior visible light CO2 reduction in aqueous medium. Appl. Surf. Sci.450, 516–526 (2018). 5.155
62 Anitha, C; Azim, SS; Mayavan, S. Salvinia inspired fluroine free superhydrophobic coatings. Appl. Surf. Sci.449, 250–260 (2018). 5.155
63 Arunkumar, S; Jegatheesh, V; Soundharya, R; Alka, MJ; Mayavan, S. BCN based oil coatings for mild steel under aggressive chloride ion environment. Appl. Surf. Sci.449, 287–294 (2018). 5.155
64 Kumar, DR; Kesavan, S; Baynosa, ML; Shim, JJ Flower-like Cu1.8S nanostructures for high-performance flexible solid-state supercapacitors. Appl. Surf. Sci.448, 547–558 (2018). 5.155
65 Selvakumari, JC; Nishanthi, ST; Dhanalakshmi, J; Ahila, M; Padiyan, DP. Bio-active synthesis of tin oxide nanoparticles using eggshell membrane for energy storage application. Appl. Surf. Sci.441, 530–537 (2018). 5.155
66 Marimuthu, T; Anandhan, N; Thangamuthu, R. Electrochemical synthesis of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures on ZnO seed layer for DSSC applications. Appl. Surf. Sci.428, 385–394 (2018). 5.155
67 Nair, AK; Elizabeth, I; Gopukumar, S; Thomas, S; Kala, MS; Kalarikkal, N. Nitrogen doped graphene – Silver nanowire hybrids: An excellent anode material for lithium ion batteries. Appl. Surf. Sci.428, 1119–1129 (2018). 5.155
68 Raheem, AA; Kamaraj, S; Sannasi, V; Praveen, C. New D–?-A push–pull chromophores as low band gap molecular semiconductors for organic small molecule solar cell applications. Org. Chem. Front.5, 777–787 (2018). 5.076
69 Kesavan, S; Kumar, DR; Baynosa, ML; Shim, JJ. Potentiodynamic formation of diaminobenzene films on an electrochemically reduced graphene oxide surface: Determination of nitrite in water samples. Mater. Sci. Eng. C85, 97–106 (2018). 4.959
70 Sonamuthu, J; Samayanan, S; Jeyaraman, AR; Murugesan, B; Krishnan, B; Mahalingam, S. Influences of ionic liquid and temperature on the tailorable surface morphology of F-apatite nanocomposites for enhancing biological abilities for orthopedic implantation. Mater. Sci. Eng. C84, 99–107 (2018). 4.959
71 Saraswathi, MSSA; Rana, D; Nagendran, A; Alwarappan, S. Custom-made PEI/exfoliated-MoS 2 nanocomposite ultrafiltration membranes for separation of bovine serum albumin and humic acid. Mater. Sci. Eng. C83, 108–114 (2018). 4.959
72 Patra, S; Puthirath, AB; Vineesh, TV; Narayanaru, S; Soman, B; Suriyakumar, S; Stephan, AM; Narayanan, TN. On the development of a proton conducting solid polymer electrolyte using poly(ethylene oxide). Sustain. Energy Fuels2, 1870–1877 (2018). 4.912
73 Anantharaj, S; Karthick, K; Kundu, S. NiTe2 Nanowire Outperforms Pt/C in High-Rate Hydrogen Evolution at Extreme pH Conditions. Inorg. Chem.57, 3082–3096 (2018). 4.850
74 Chakraborty, G; Valapa, RB; Pugazhenthi, G; Katiyar, V. Investigating the properties of poly (lactic acid)/exfoliated graphene based nanocomposites fabricated by versatile coating approach. Int. J. Biol. Macromol.113, 1080–1091 (2018). 4.784
75 Arulraj, A; Ramesh, M; Subramanian, B; Senguttuvan, G. In-situ temperature and thickness control grown 2D-MoS2 via pulsed laser ablation for photovoltaic devices. Sol. Energy174, 286–295 (2018). 4.674
76 Selvakumar, D; Murugadoss, G; Alsalme, A; Alkathiri, AM; Jayavel, R. Heteroatom doped reduced graphene oxide paper for large area perovskite solar cells. Sol. Energy163, 564–569 (2018). 4.674
77 Sharma, D; Ganesh, V; Sakthivel, A. Rhodium incorporated monometallic cobalt hydrotalcite-type materials: Preparation and its applications for the hydroformylation of alkenes. Appl. Catal. A Gen.555, 155–160 (2018). 4.63
78 Reddy, NL; Rao, VN; Kumari, MM; Kakarla, RR; Ravi, P; Sathish, M; Karthik, M; Venkatakrishnan, SM; Inamuddin. Nanostructured semiconducting materials for efficient hydrogen generation. Environ. Chem. Lett.16, 765–796 (2018). 4.617
79 Suriyakumar, S; Madasamy, K; Kathiresan, M; Alkordi, MH; Stephan, AM. Improved Cycling Performance of Lithium–Sulfur Cell through Supramolecular Interactions. J. Phys. Chem. C122, 27843–27849 (2018). 4.309
80 Vellaisamy, M; Reddy, MV; Chowdari, BVR; Kalaiselvi, N. Exploration of AVP 2 O 7 /C (A = Li, Li 0.5 Na 0.5 , and Na) for High-Rate Sodium-Ion Battery Applications. J. Phys. Chem. C122, 24609–24618 (2018). 4.309
81 Khamrang, T; Seetharaman, A; Kumar, MD; Velusamy, M; Jaccob, M; Ramesh, M; Kathiresan, M; Kathiravan, A. New D–D?–A Configured Dye for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells. J. Phys. Chem. C122, 22241–22251 (2018). 4.309
82 Velayutham, P; Sahu, AK. Graphitic Carbon Nitride Nanosheets—Nafion as a Methanol Barrier Hybrid Membrane for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells. J. Phys. Chem. C122, 21735–21744 (2018). 4.309
83 Karuppiah, S; Nallathamby, K. Demonstration of in Situ Formed Li 2 NaV 2 (PO 4 ) 3 as a Strain-Free Lithium Battery Anode. J. Phys. Chem. C122, 7061–7066 (2018). 4.309
84 Pongilat, R; Franger, S; Nallathamby, K. Functionalized Carbon as Polysulfide Traps for Advanced Lithium–Sulfur Batteries. J. Phys. Chem. C122, 5948–5955 (2018). 4.309
85 Swaminathan, J; Ravichandran, S. Insights into the Electrocatalytic Behavior of Defect-Centered Reduced Titania (TiO 1.23 ). J. Phys. Chem. C122, 1670–1680 (2018). 4.309
86 Aswathy, R; Ulaganathan, M; Ragupathy, P. Mn3O4 nanoparticles grown on surface activated graphite paper for aqueous asymmetric supercapacitors. J. Alloys Compd.767, 141–150 (2018). 4.175
87 Premlatha, S; Bapu, GNKR. Direct current electrodeposition of Co-ITO nanoflakes modified steel electrode for highly selective non enzymatic detection of catechol. J. Alloys Compd.767, 622–631 (2018). 4.175
88 Ogunniran, KO; Murugadoss, G; Thangamuthu, R; Periasamy, P. All inorganic based Nd0.9Mn0.1FeO3 perovskite for Li-ion battery application: Synthesis, structural and morphological investigation. J. Alloys Compd.766, 1014–1023 (2018). 4.175
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101 Muthuraja, P; Prakash, S; Shanmugam, VM; Radhakrsihnan, S; Manisankar, P. Novel perovskite structured calcium titanate-PBI composite membranes for high-temperature PEM fuel cells: Synthesis and characterizations. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy43, 4763–4772 (2018). 4.084
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103 Ravi, P; Rao, VN; Shankar, MV; Sathish, M. CuO Cr2 O3 core-shell structured co-catalysts on TiO 2 for efficient photocatalytic water splitting using direct solar light. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy43, 3976–3987 (2018). 4.084
104 Balaji, SS; Karnan, M; Sathish, M. Supercritical fluid processing of N-doped graphene and its application in high energy symmetric supercapacitor. Int. J. Hydrogen Energy43, 4044–4057 (2018). 4.084
105 Darshani, P; Gurnpu, MB; Thumpati, P; Rayappan, JBB; Ravichandiran, V; Pazhani, GP; Veerapandian, M. Chemically synthesized butein and butin: Optical, structure and electrochemical redox functionality at electrode interface. J. Photochem. Photobiol. B Biol.182, 122–129 (2018). 4.067
106 Boomi, P; Raj, JA; Palaniappan, SP; Poorani, G; Selvam, S; Prabu, HG; Manisankar, P; Jeyakanthan, J; Langeswaran, VK. Improved conductivity and antibacterial activity of poly(2-aminothiophenol)-silver nanocomposite against human pathogens. J. Photochem. Photobiol. B Biol.178, 323–329 (2018). 4.067
107 Hemalatha, K; Jayakumar, M; Prakash, AS. Influence of the manganese and cobalt content on the electrochemical performance of P2-Na 0.67 Mn x Co 1?x O2 cathodes for sodium-ion batteries. Dalt. Trans.47, 1223–1232 (2018). 4.052
108 Rajasekar, A; Arunachalam, K; Kottaisamy, M; Saraswathy, V. Durability characteristics of Ultra High Strength Concrete with treated sugarcane bagasse ash. Constr. Build. Mater.171, 350–356 (2018). 4.046
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