Subscribed journals for the current year 2017

journalAn alphabetical list of journals subscribed (print version) by the Conventional Library for the current year is presented here. Past issues are also available and the older ones are present in the form of bound volumes. The journals can be accessed during working hours of the C-Library. Links to the online version of the journals have also been provided through CSIR e-journal consortium.

No Name of the Journal/ Resources Publisher Version
1 ACS(Entire Collection) ACS Online only
2 ASTM SEDL Standards ASTM Online only
3 Chemical Engineering World Jasubhai Print
4 Chemical Industry Digest Blockdale Print
5 Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology Maney Print
6 Corrosion Reviews Freund Print
7 Corrosion Science Elsevier Print + Online
8 Current Index on Meidcal Specalities(CIMS) Medi Print
9 Down to Earth SEC Print
10 ECS Journal Package ECS Online only
11 Electrochemistry Communications Elsevier Print + Online
12 Electronics for You EFY Print
13 Indian Journal of Biochemistry and Biophysics NISCAIR Online only
14 Indian Journal of Chemical Technology NISCAIR Online only
15 Indian Journal of Chemistry A NISCAIR Online only
16 Indian Journal of Chemistry B NISCAIR Online only
17 Indian Journal of Engineering and Material Science NISCAIR Online only
18 Indian Journal of Environmental Protection Kalpana Corp. Print
19 Indian Journal of Experimental Biology NISCAIR Online only
20 Indian Journal of Fibre and Textile Research NISCAIR Online only
21 Indian Journal of Marine Sciences NISCAIR Online only
22 Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics NISCAIR Online only
23 Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics NISCAIR Online only
24 Indian Mining and Engineering Journal IME Pub. Print
25 Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry Elsevier Print + Online
26 Journal of Intellectual Property Rights NISCAIR Online only
27 Journal of Power Sources Elsevier Print + Online
28 Journal of Prestressed Concrete Institute PCI Print
29 Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research NISCAIR Online only
30 Light Metal Age Fellom Print
31 Magazine of Concrete Research T.Telford Print
32 Minerals and Metals Review MMR Print
33 MRS Bulletin MRS Print
34 Nanotech Insights CKMNT Print
35 Nature Chemistry Nature Online only
36 Nature Materials Nature Online only
37 Nature Nanotechnology Nature Online only
38 New Scientist New Scientist Print
39 PC Quest Cyber Print
40 Popular Science IBD Print
41 Royal Society of Chemistry RSC Online only
42 Springer Collection(1.Chem.&Material Sci.,2. Engg.) Springer Online only
43 Sun and Wind Energy Ber.Verlag Print
44 Surface Coatings International OCCA Print
45 Transactions of Institute of Metal Finishing Maney Print
46 Web of Science   Online only